ACS Domestic Gas Meter Installation Course

Key info

  • Duration: 2 days training & 2 days assessment

  • Entry requirements: Relevant Managed Learning Programme (or equivalent), any level of professional experience

  • Teaching method: Day-long teaching and assessment sessions

  • Qualification: ASC – Core Domestic Gas Metering (CMA3)

  • Qualification Code: CMA3

  • Location: Our LCL Awards approved course centre in Stafford

  • Cost: Unknown

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone who:

  • …has recently earned an MLP certificate (or equivalent) in gas works and is interested in becoming a Gas Safe Registered professional

  • …wants to become legally qualified to carry out domestic gas meter installations

  • …may not have earned their existing qualifications with Staffordshire Training Service – all qualified candidates are welcome!

About the ACS Domestic Gas Meter Installation Course

This safety-orientated gas meter installation course is designed for gas professionals who have earned their Managed Learning Programme (MLP) and are looking to develop their skills and expertise.

Upon passing, you will receive your first Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) gas certificate. This will allow you to become a member of the Gas Safe Register, which is a legal requirement in order to operate as a gas engineer.

The course is taught by our team of experienced engineers and trainers. Through your training, you’ll be assessed in terms of your competency in core gas safety in relation to domestic gas metering work. It will focus on the installation of domestic gas meters up to 6m³ with the option of domestic medium-pressure meter regulators.

Refresher course available

This course is now available for engineers who’ve previously held the ACS certificate in Core Domestic Gas Metering (CMA3) or whose certificate is soon to expire. This version of the course focuses on reviewing essentials and spotlighting any recent developments or changes to best practise.

How is the ACS Domestic Gas Meter Installation Course delivered?

Both the Foundation version and Refresher version of this course are taught over two days at Stafford training centre. This two days of training is followed by two days of assessments.

How is this ACS Domestic Gas Meter Installation Course assessed?

Assessments are carried out at our training centre using a variety of methods multiple choice quizzes, short written responses, scenario questions, and observed practical tasks.

There are no credits or honours for this course. You will either pass and gain your qualification, or you will be referred and have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later date. If you need to retake the exam, you will receive a free re-sit for each module.

What are the next steps after earning this qualification?

Once you have earned your qualification, we will offer you support on the next steps.

This can include connecting you with partner organisations and clients who are in need of qualified installers or maintenance engineers, either on a direct or subcontracting basis.

Frequently asked questions

How is the training and assessment for this qualification accredited?2023-10-31T12:11:05+00:00

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive an ACS – Core Domestic Gas Metering (CMA3) certificate, which is accredited by the LCL Awards. Staffordshire Training Centre is one of approximately 160 approved centres delivering training and carrying out assessments under the LCL Awards.

The LCL Awards is one of the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sectors foremost awarding organisation and certification bodies. They’re a well-trusted and recognised organisation; read more about the LCL Awards here.

Do I need to undertake this specific course to become a member of the Safe Gas Register?2023-10-31T12:08:02+00:00

Not necessarily. This course (MCA3) is regarded as an equivalent to a Level 3 Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) or Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) qualification in the gas utilisation sector. Because these qualifications are also aligned to ACS, they satisfy the same gas safety criteria leading to a certificate of competence recognised by the Gas Safe Register.

I’ve held this ACS certificate before – can I enrol in the Refresher version of the course?2023-10-31T12:07:14+00:00

Yes, if you currently hold the ACS Core Domestic Gas Metering (CMA3) certificate and it hasn’t yet expired for 12+ months, you can enrol in the Refresher version of this course.

If you hold an ACS Core Domestic Gas Metering (CMA3) certificate that has expired for over 12 months, you will need to enrol in the Foundation version of the course to renew your certificate, regardless of your professional experience.

What experience do applicants need to secure a place on this course?2023-10-31T14:00:58+00:00

You will need to hold a Managed Learning Programme (MLP) certificate (or an equivalent qualification) to enrol on this course.

If you’re unsure whether this course is right for you or not, you can talk to our team of teachers and engineers. We’ll be happy to offer you all the advice and guidance you may need.

What happens if I fail the exam?2024-02-07T14:13:54+00:00

If you were unable to successfully pass the assessment phase of the course, you would be referred and together, we’d work out what approach is best for you.

If a candidate wants to retake their exams, we provide you with the opportunity to re-sit any module exam for free. We’d also work with them to ensure they can further develop their skills and practical experience, giving them the confidence and knowledge to hopefully pass their exams this time round.

If we or the candidate feels they need more significant support or that the course isn’t suitable for them, we would work with the candidate to work out the best outcome for all.

How old do learners need to be?2024-02-07T14:13:12+00:00

To join this course, you will need to be over 18 years of age and no longer in full-time formal education.

We’re lucky enough to have a great mix of people join us in our classrooms, and we often welcome learners who are over 50.

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