Gas Managed Learning Programme

Key info

  • Duration: 12 months

  • Entry requirements: None

  • Qualification: LCL Awards Managed Learning Programme

  • Location: Stafford course center (plus workplace organised by candidate)

  • Cost: £4,200 incl VAT

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone who:

  • …wants to begin a career in the gas industry with zero prior experience

  • …has some experience in the Building Engineering Services industry sector and wants to secure a formal qualification

  • …is an engineer in another trade and wants to develop their skills and gain a foundational qualification in gas works

  • …has secured an opportunity to develop their technical and practical skills on-site (with suitable supervision) while they train.

About the Managed Learning Programme (MLP) in gas works

The Managed Learning Programme (MLP) in gas works is an accessible and comprehensive course designed to prepare learners – whether they have prior professional experience of not – for a career in the gas industry.

Accredited by the LCL Awards, the MLP is a recognised entry route to the nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS). By gaining a certificate of competence through the ACS, you will be able to secure registration with Gas Safe Register, allowing you to legally carry out gas work in the UK.

Using our years of experience as qualified engineers and trainers, Staffordshire Training Services have designed this MLP to provide a strong and comprehensive foundation of gas works. On this course, you’ll be establishing and developing skills and knowledge of:

  • legislation, health and safety
  • combustion and its control

  • chimneys and ventilation

  • pressure, flow, tightness testing and purging

  • domestic pipework installation

  • electrical systems, controls and components

  • Heating design, heat loss and comfort conditions

  • Installation and servicing of domestic central heating and hot water appliances.

Alongside instruction at our Stafford-based training centre, learners will also carry out ongoing work experience as part of the course. This work will need to be supervised by a suitable professional.

As part of this course, learners will receive:

  • a set of Viper Domestic Natural Gas Handbooks worth £99.99

  • their own personal Staffordshire Training Services email address (

  • access to our cloud-based learning platform

How is this Managed Learning Programme (MLP) delivered?

The classroom portion of the course is taught at our Stafford training centre by our team of qualified engineers and experienced trainers.

Alongside practical and classroom learning at our training centre, learners taking part in this course will be also need to be able to access ‘on the job’ gas work experience.

As you take part in this ongoing work experience, you will be given guidance on collating evidence of your on-site skills and expertise. This evidence will be collated into an online portfolio and used as part of your assessment.

This experience must take place under the supervision of a professional mentor who is a registered gas installer.

How is this Managed Learning Programme (MLP) assessed?

Learners will undertake formative assessments as they progress through their programme. Upon completion of the course, you must successfully complete a summative assessment to pass.

Once we confirm that you’ve completed the MLP and gathered the sufficient evidence of on-site experience, you will be issued with a Training Completion Certificate – this will allow you to apply for the relevant ACS.

There are no credits or honours for this course. You will either pass and gain your qualification, or you will be referred and have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later date. If you need to retake the exam, you will receive a free re-sit for each module.

Frequently asked questions

How is the training and assessment for this qualification accredited?2023-10-25T13:49:02+01:00

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive a Training Completion Certificate, which is accredited by the LCL Awards. Staffordshire Training Centre is one of approximately 160 approved centres delivering training and carrying out assessments under the LCL Awards.

The LCL Awards is one of the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sectors foremost awarding organisation and certification bodies. They’re a well-trusted and recognised organisation; read more about the LCL Awards here.

Do I need to have access to a workplace?2023-10-25T13:39:19+01:00

Yes, you will need to have access to a workplace where you can carry out work relevant to this.

Your on-site work experience will need to be supervised by a registered gas installer, who will act as your professional mentor as you complete the course.

What experience do applicants need to secure a place on this Managed Learning Programme (MLP)?2023-10-25T13:19:33+01:00

You do not need to have any specific experience in gas works or any other trade to successful enrol in and complete this programme. In fact, you can be a complete novice!

To get the full benefit of this MLP, you will need to have:

  • key skills (reading, writing and maths) equivalent to
  • a Level 2 or above level of physical dexterity allowing you to meet the demands of the course.

If you’re unsure whether this course is right for you or not, you can talk to our team of teachers and engineers. We’ll be happy to offer you all the advice and guidance you may need.

What happens if I fail the exam?2024-02-07T14:13:54+00:00

If you were unable to successfully pass the assessment phase of the course, you would be referred and together, we’d work out what approach is best for you.

If a candidate wants to retake their exams, we provide you with the opportunity to re-sit any module exam for free. We’d also work with them to ensure they can further develop their skills and practical experience, giving them the confidence and knowledge to hopefully pass their exams this time round.

If we or the candidate feels they need more significant support or that the course isn’t suitable for them, we would work with the candidate to work out the best outcome for all.

How old do learners need to be?2024-02-07T14:13:12+00:00

To join this course, you will need to be over 18 years of age and no longer in full-time formal education.

We’re lucky enough to have a great mix of people join us in our classrooms, and we often welcome learners who are over 50.

What happens if I can’t make one of the day classes?2023-10-25T14:14:32+01:00

If you’re unable to make the odd day of learning, we understand – sometimes, life gets in the way!

We currently make the majority of our learning materials available to students on Google Classroom, so if you miss a day, you can catch up on the theoretical side of things.

If you’re unable to commit to a day’s training a week for longer stretches, this course may not be for you as it’s not designed to be taught virtually.

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